Bespoke Ebony Doors

A recently completed project for a client of ours based in Jersey.


The majority of doors were a one panel design with 50mm thick European Oak stiles + rails, with 1/4 cut short grain Ebony centre panels.


These are the Ebony veneered panels before being built into the doors.


IMG_2646          IMG_2645


There where two large sliding doors on the project which required a recess for client artwork to be put, so this had to be built into the door as it was made.


IMG_2690          IMG_2691


The stiles + rails where stained black + lacquered and the centre panels where a different finish, stained Zebrano + lacquered.


IMG_2788          IMG_2787


IMG_2820          IMG_2810


There where also a number of glazed doors on the project which had an overlaid beading design.


IMG_2797          IMG_2791

IMG_2790          IMG_2669


Overall a very bespoke project and great to see going through the workshop