We offer a full range of different real wood veneers across all of our flush doors, utilising the standard types i.e. Oak, Ash, Beech and Maple.


But as the market diversifies and design becomes key people want more than just a standard looking veneer, and as such we can offer specialist veneers, which either may have unusual grain patterns such as Burr Walnut, or veneers which are cut and jointed to offer alternate grain directions across the door face.


All of our veneering is done in-house, so we have full control over the process, this allows us to ensure all double doors are veneered in matching pairs as standard.


Veneered panelling is also available where we can veneer to ensure the grain runs through several panels, or in a specific way.


Give us a call to discuss your veneering requirements however bespoke the veneer or design you are trying to achieve.


For more information about our finishes please contact our team on 01634 712 451 or email