Doors with PVC Impact Protection

In some environments, namely Hospitals, where you may have high traffic areas or where the doors are likely to get a bit more abuse than normal, there are options available to make the doors last longer, and to make them suitable for the situation they’re in.


We have recently manufactured all the doors in the following pictures which have been installed into part of a newly refurbished Fracture Clinic at the William Harvey Hospital.


All the doors are a crown cut American White Oak veneer finished in our standard antibacterial water based polish. Here the same pair of doors are shown before and after the door face protection has been fitted.


IMG_1771          IMG_1794


The door edge protectors completely encapsulate the door edge offering complete protection. The dark Grey groove shown up the edge of the edge protector is the groove for the intumescent strips for the doors FD30 rating.


IMG_1792          IMG_1802


There are many colours available for the PVC protection, colours can also be split on different side of the doors. The below pair of FD60 doors, was required to be the Light Blue on one face and Burgundy on the other.


IMG_1805          IMG_1807


All the frames for these doors were supplied with White PVC sections to clad the frames upon installation to offer the same resistance against impact.


IMG_1866          IMG_1867


IMG_1868          IMG_1869


Door stops and architraves are clad in their own White PVC sections which fit around easily to make onsite installation straight forward.


IMG_1797           IMG_1800


IMG_1810           IMG_1808


Give us a call or send over an enquiry to see how we can help with doors for an environment which may require that extra protection.