Fire Doors – A Real Life Example

When a fire breaks out within a building the consequences could potentially be devastating. What if that fire has broken out in a densely populated building like a school or hospital.


The costs involved can be huge, but not only in fire damage, someone could pay the ultimate price because you haven’t installed third party certificated fire doors.


We supplied doors to a project at a hospital refurbishment and shortly after completion a fire broke out in the wing. Nobody was hurt in the fire and the fire was safely put out by the emergency services, and as you can see below, the doors we manufactured stood up to the fire and halted the passage so the fire couldn’t spread.


As you can see, this photo shows the side the fire could not get.




This is the inside of the same door! Fair to say it’s done it’s duty.




Another photo showing the inside of a different door in the ward, well charred!


Picture 101



Picture 102


These photos show the importance of fire doors, correctly manufactured fire doors.


Remember the ONLY way to be sure a fire door will perform is to purchase third party certificated fire doors.


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