A New Project – Panel Doors in a Listed Building.

A recently completed project, Kent Flush Doors supplied all the fire rated panel doors, frames and architraves to high end apartments in the centre of London.



The Buildings were listed and so sizes and profiles of existing mouldings and architraves had to match exactly onto all of the new doors and joinery items.


As well as the internal and external doors (seen in the above image), we also supplied joinery items like the below curved headed arch way between two rooms.



The combination of the traditional looking doors and joinery with very clean and simple finishes gave a very modern feel to these apartments.


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Third Party Certification – Why is it important?

Why purchase from a manufacturer with a third party certification?

When it comes to the manufacture of fire doors, it is paramount that no corners are cut and every process in production is carried out in the correct way. If any processes are missed, or incorrect products used then you cannot be 100% sure that the door will halt the passage of fire and could well fail, which in turn could be fatal.


What does holding a third party certification mean?

We are fully certified BM-TRADA Q-MARK fire door manufacturers and as such our manufacturing processes are audited annually from start to finish to ensure every process is correct and that our doors are being manufactured the same way every single time following the fire certifications.


As part of the Q-MARK accreditation we have a fire test on one of the doors we manufacture, which is selected by BM-TRADA, and is carried out every 3 years, and so far none of the doors we have had tested have ever failed.


If you are purchasing fire doors from someone who does not have a third party certification, it is a risk, because nobody is monitoring their processes, nobody is telling them what they are doing wrong and more importantly they could well be selling doors which will not perform in a fire – is it really worth the risk?


Third party certification gives the responsible person purchasing fire doors and the end user peace of mind that the product will stand up to performance.