As a fire door manufacturer, it is a legal requirement for us to provide proof that all of our fire doors that we manufacture have undergone testing to prove they will halt the passage of fire for the stated rating.


Every year, we are third party audited for the BM-TRADA Q-MARK Scheme. All of our manufacturing processes are checked to make sure we are following the certifications to the letter. Because of this, in all of our flush fire doors we can put a coloured plug to indicate the door is Q-MARKED. When purchasing or even specifying a Q-MARKED door, you can 100% guarantee and be safe assured that you are going to get exactly what you ask for.


Purchasing a fire door from a company who has not been independently audited is a risky business and potentially fatal for the end user. How can you be 100% sure that the FD60 door you are about to buy is an FD60? Just because the company tell you it is? Who is checking their systems? Nobody, that’s who! The only way you can purchase fire doors with peace of mind the door is going to fulfil its duty is to go directly to a company who has been third party audited, like Kent Flush Doors.